Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reflections at The Cannery Art Gallery

Yesterday evening DSID - the Dayton Society of Interior Designers - held our scholarship awards meeting at the Cannery on third street in downtown Dayton. We awarded 4 students with scholarships to continue their interior design studies at Sinclair Community College. The scholarship meeting is always a fun meeting and looking through the students' portfolios reminds me of all my projects I completed with countless hours of effort while in school at Kent State University. Can't say I'd ever want to go back with all the stress and sleepless nights trying to make a project deadline! The DSID meetings always leave me feeling inspired to continue doing what I'm good at; to not give up on my dream.......and makes me thank God I'm done with Kent!

I admit, sometimes I feel a little depressed thinking about where I am in my career - its definitely not where I pictured myself being as a senior in college! There's a part of me that still yearns for a life in New York City or London or Hawaii or another exciting destination, but when it comes down to it, I'm happy where I am! Good ol' Dayton Ohio surrounded by family and friends. I've been extremely blessed in many different ways and life just keeps getting better: a husband who encourages me in all I do, Alfie, my mini schnauzer (who also encourages me in all I do!!), a beautiful historical home that I'm in love with, a good job with an amazing boss and coworkers, and my own thriving interior design business that keeps me more than busy.

All this recent inspiration and ambitions left my sleepless mind swirling all night. I have some new ideas up my sleeve for my business and its potential and can't wait to get to work on it! I'm sure you will hear more about it at some point but, since you never know what the future holds, I don't want to give away too much.

Anyways, back to what was going to be my normal blog post before I got a little carried away! Here are some photos from the DSID meeting yesterday and some cute things I saw at the Cannery.

This was one of my favorites.......those are tiny giraffes on the side of the table!

And speaking of college portfolios, I thought this would be fun to include! :)

PORTFOLIO_Kent State University from Laura Weimer on Vimeo.

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