Friday, September 23, 2011

Coral for Fall??

This past week I met with a client who really wanted to paint her bedroom walls coral. I know that coral has been a very popular color for spring and summer, but now that fall has officially begun today, it got me thinking how coral could transform into fall, as well as winter. I didn't want her to "miss the boat" with this color trend. After putting these palettes together I see that shades of coral don't have to be a trend but are rather a classic - These shades are extremely versatile!

We went with "Persimmon" by Sherwin Williams. In order to show you what I mean, I paired Persimmon up with just a few other colors in order to completely change the mood for each season.

Persimmon with Spicy Hue, Polished Mahogany, and Mandarin.

Persimmon with Naval, Attitude Gray, and Copen Blue.

Persimmon with Flan and Rejuvenate.

Persimmon with Decisive Yellow and Gladiola.

In addition to morphing with the seasons, Coral can be:

Sweet and feminine.

Rich and sexy.

Funky and flirty.

Or sophisticated and chic!

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