Monday, September 26, 2011

Window Dressings

If there is one part of the home I hate dealing with, its the window treatments. I'm very uncreative and dislike more than I like in this department. Lets face it; window treatments can make or break a room and there just aren't many good affordable options out there! Everytime someone asks me to take on their windows, I cringe. Then I suggest the same ol' straight panels framing the windows on either side. Since I realize this is very un-designer-ish to be so boring, I'm going to attempt to broaden my horizon. I found some alternative draperies that I actually like!

These are very classy. I also don't think they'd me too hard to make myself......that would save some money fo sho.

I love the valance in this one by Creative Window Dressings. Its simple and fuss-free. Whenever fringe and tassles and drooping fabric gets involved, I get out.

This style is a little more elegant yet still simple and not over the top. I love the subtle lilac color as well.

These drapes are certainly interesting! This image is from Hunter Douglas (I'm guessing advertising the blinds?? Not a fan of those. I do however, like the drapes!) Normally I'm not a huge fan of puddling drapes because I just think of how dusty the bottoms would get, and how much of a pain vacuuming around them would be. I like how soft these make the room look. I can just imagine those windows overlooking the beach.

I love this last design as well but they look expensive. I like how they look almost molded into place. Very different from flowy sheers that you normally see.

Feel free to recommend more creative window treatments. I need all the help I can get in this department!

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