Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Elsmore

The Story of a First-time Home Buyer

I am proud to announce that I am finally a home owner! After house shopping for almost 6 months, I finally landed my dream home. The theory is happens when you least expect it! In this case, I remembered drooling over the home when it was first put on the market but instantly crossed it off the list due to it being out of my price range. Months later, I was helping the listing agent put together a video of the exact same home. She bragged about the charm and history of the home while I eagerly listened. By this time the home had been greatly reduced in price. She invited me to an open house and I told I would try to make it. Open House day came and I invited my parents and my boyfriend Brian to come along.....afterall, we were all fans of the craftsmen style. Visiting the 1923 Sears kit home to admire the architecture and history couldn't hurt.

Walking through the house for the first time I felt at home. I ran my hands over the perfectly aged original woodwork, opened the leaded windows with the original wavy glass, imagined a fire in the fireplace surrounded by built ins and it hit me; I was in love. Turns out I wasn't the only one who fell in love. Brian did as well. Later that evening we couldn't stop talking about it. The next day I drove by the house and walked around peeking in all the windows wondering if the giddy, head-over-heels feeling would still be there. It was. So within two days of seeing the house for the first time, Brian and I called our agent to make an offer.

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