Monday, June 27, 2011


"a residence, as an apartment, for part-time or temporary use."

Here are some "before" pictures of another project in the works. I realize these photos are incredibly boring - just a big empty room. I think you'll find the "after" photos to be a bit more interesting :) I'm hoping to have them posted within the next couple of weeks. This project is already in the styling phase but everything takes longer to complete since the client is only in town for short stints of time. He bought this house because of the totally separate bonus room off the back of the garage with its own entrance. He hoped to create an apartment he could use while in town (instead of paying for hotels), while at the same time renting out the rest of the house.

The challenge of this project was first and foremost, the amount of space we had to work with. The room is roughly 17'x20'. Within this space the client wanted separate living and sleeping spaces, a kitchen and a full bathroom.
temporary use."
Another project in the works is this sall studio apartment. It is in the finishing/styling stage right now and will hopefully be finied by the end of the week. This project has taken awhile due to ienly being in to

Stay tuned for more pictures and the creative space layout I designed in order to fulfill all of my client's wishes. The finished product contains very contemporary furnishings mixed with the client's own beautiful Thai antiques, silks, and hand paintings. We also managed to fit a full-size stove, range hood, and refrigerator in the kitchen; perfect for entertaining. n on shorts stints of time. Here are the "before" pictures.

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