Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week 2 of Bathroom Demolition

Well, Brian and I only had time to work on the bathroom one day this week. Luckily, my dad came over Saturday evening to do the plumbing work for us. Soldering copper pipes in order to connect our new bath/shower components was not something Brian or I wanted to tackle. Pretty sure that would be a disaster ending with leaky pipes and a burn victim.

Before you see what we accomplished this week, you can check our the previous work done here.

This week we worked more on the demolition. We removed the ugly tri-mirror medicine cabinet that hung on the wall. Just taking that out visually makes the room seem so much larger!

In the shower, more cement board went up and we started on the framing. My idea to enclose the shower a bit is to create more of a human-size scale. The ceilings are so tall that it always felt a bit odd in there. I was however, afraid that it might make the bathroom seem smaller as a whole, but actually, it makes it feel a little larger........and showering will feel much cozier :)

Since we are closing part of it off, ventilation is another thing we had to think about. To take care of this problem, we are installing a light and a fan above the shower

In addition to removing the medicine cabinet, we also took the beaded board off the wall on the left. Unfortunately ALL the paint was peeling off underneath (don't think it was properly primed) so lots of scraping had to be done. Next step will be to smooth everything out with drywall compound.
Can't wait to get rid of the banjo countertop that DOESN'T go over the toilet, as well as that hideous light fixture with only two bulbs currently in it, haha. Actually it was sooooo bright with all the bulbs that you would be blinded in the middle of the night should you have to use it. I'm down to two and its still extremely bright in there.

Ugh, wish us better luck for this week. I'm really getting tired of showering in the basement shower equal to Silence of the Lambs in creepiness. However, with the start of two new client projects this week, as well as a staging move-out and a holiday weekend, I don't think too much is going to get done.

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