Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let the Work Begin!

The bathroom demolition has begun! Here are some photos showing our progress thus far. Right now the work is at a stand still because Brian and I have both been so busy with other things. Hopefully we can pick up the work some more today.

Here is before: The bathroom wasn't totally awful. It was at least very clean when we bought the home. Just in need of some updating.

Gotta love the toilet seat being left up. Classy. And I'm not sure why there's both glass shower doors AND a shower curtain rod. There's no way the previous owners were concerned with privacy having both a window and a mirror in there.....just sayin.

My dad started us off on the right foot by removing the glass shower doors for us. Apparently neither Brian or I were intelligent enough to figure out how to do this, haha. Makes you wonder about us doing the rest of the bathroom, huh??

I'm sooooo cool, this is how I work.
Just kidding.
Really, I didn't have any "protective eye wear" and the thought of shards of ceramic tile flying into my eyes was something I preferred to avoid. Aviators sufficed.

Whew! All the tile is off!Add Image

Unfortunately, the mirror "tub splash" is still up. Who would ever want to watch themselves bathe? Can't imagine the person installing this and thinking "wow, this is a GREAT idea!!"

The removal of plaster and lathe strips went fast. It also revealed the lack of insulation in the walls......I'm hoping the entire house is not like this!!

The rest of the plaster is cleared away, insulation went in, vapor barrier installed, tub in place, and one wall of cement board is complete! Debris is removed and shopvacced......with a huge one we found a garage sale for 20 bucks. woo hoo!

If the shower is taking this long, I don't want to think about the rest of the bathroom!

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